Property Tax Reduction – FAQ

Austin Home Appraisal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Real Appraisal Relief

1. When will I receive my notice of appraised value?
The date of appraisal is January 1st, meaning: what is your house worth on January 1 of that year? The appraisal districts typically set values by April 15th and your notice should arrive shortly thereafter.

2. When is the deadline to protest?
The deadline of a property tax protest is May 31st or 30 days after the appraisal district sends out the notice of appraised value, whichever date is later. If the 31st falls on a weekend, the deadline to protest is the next business day.

3. How does the appraisal district determine my Austin property appraisal value?
The central Texas appraisal districts use a complex system to arrive at a property’s value. With residential property appraisal, the appraisal value is based on the size of the home, condition and quality of finish-out and the sales of comparable homes in the neighborhood. Appraisals for commercial properties are also based on size and condition, but appraisals focus on the income the property generates.

4. Can I represent myself in a hearing against the appraisal district?
Absolutely, but the real question is: should you?

When it comes to your property, it is important to find a professional with appraisal protest experience to get the best property tax reduction results possible. Every situation is different though and no one knows your property tax situation like you do.

5. What is Real Appraisal Relief’s pricing structure?
Real Appraisal Relief is not currently representing clients for property tax reduction. Most other firms work on contingency, so they only make money if they save you money.

6. What types of properties do you represent?
In the past, Real Appraisal Relief focused on high-end residential properties and multi-family.

7. Do you only represent properties in Travis County?
At this time, I am not taking on clients. However, I know a number of companies in the Central Texas area that I can recommend.